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  • Lakes of Türkiye

    With unique scenery and endless options for outdoor activities, the lakes in Türkiye promise to fascinate visitors. Including Anatolia and Thrace, Türkiye has over 100 natural lakes in all seven of its geographical regions.

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    lakes Marmara


    The Marmara Region is one of the seven geographical regions of Türkiye and is in northwestern Türkiye. It is the sixth-largest region in terms of size and is the region with the most population.

    lakes Aegean


    The Aegean Region, which covers a surface of 85,000 square meters. It is the third most populous region and is one of the regions with a high population density.

    lakes Mediterranean


    The Mediterranean Region of Türkiye covers an area of 120,000 square kilometers. Mountains run parallel to the coast, and the region enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

    lakes Central


    The Central Anatolia region is one of Türkiye’s seven geographical regions and, as indicated by its name, is in the central part of Anatolia. The region covers an area of 151,000 square kilometers and covers 21% of the territory of Türkiye.

    lakes Eastern


    The region of Eastern Anatolia is 164,000 square kilometers, and covers 21% of Türkiye's territory. The region is the richest part of Türkiye in terms of lakes.

    lakes Southern


    The Southern Anatolia Region is one of Türkiye’s seven geographical regions. It covers areas from the south of the Southeastern Taurus Mountains to the Syrian border.

    lakes Black Sea


    The Black Sea Region, one of the seven geographical regions of Türkiye, takes its name from the Black Sea and extends from the east of the Sakarya plain to the border with Georgia.