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  • lakes Black Sea


    The Black Sea Region, one of the seven geographical regions of Türkiye, takes its name from the Black Sea and extends from the east of the Sakarya plain to the border with Georgia. There are many natural and artificial lakes within the borders of this region. 

    Yedigöller National Park (Seven Lakes National Park)

    The Yedigöller National Park offers lush vegetation and striking color changes, revealing nature's transformation across all four seasons. It is 42 km north of Bolu, in the western part of the Black Sea Region. It covers an area of 1,642 hectares. The park has an ecosystem created by seven large and small natural wonders of landslide lakes and enjoys rich vegetation. The area has been a national park since 1965 and is a magnificent escape from the everyday life of urban centers.

    Yedigöller National Park has a critical and robust infrastructure in terms of scientific investigation and research. The park is home to many plant species, and contains the most beautiful, mixed natural forests of Türkiye.

    It's also possible to camp, enjoy a picnic in the wooded area, and take walks in the beautiful mountains of the national park.

    If you want to spend more than a few hours at Yedigöller and enjoy the isolation from the rest of the world, accommodation alternatives are available. There are two options for staying around the lake: setting up a tent and enjoying camp life, or staying in a bungalow located in the park. 

    Lake Abant 

    The lake is on the Abant Mountains, 34 kilometers southwest of the province of Bolu. Lake Abant is accessible from the Ankara-İstanbul Highway. You can also get here by public transport, which leaves from Bolu center every two hours.

    Depending on the season, you can cycle around the lake and fish for trout with a fishing rod. You can also paraglide, and ride around the lake on horse and buggy. The scenery will inspire you to take many photos or perhaps even to take out your drawing pad or watercolors!

    The locals of Bolu Province are famous for their handicrafts, and especially their skills in woodwork. Local lace and hand-carved pipes are unique to the area. Local cuisine, traditional folk clothing, and folk games are elements of local culture that are passed down from generation to generation. In the highlands, the Hacet Feast (Hacet Bayramı) is held annually in the last week of June, and visitors can enjoy watching wrestling and horse racing competitions.

    Around Lake Bolu, another natural beauties worth visiting is the village of Gölcük.


    Other Lakes in the Black Sea Region 

    • Lake Balık (Samsun)
    • Lake Simenit (Samsun)
    • Lake Melen (Düzce)
    • Lake Gernek (Samsun)
    • Lake Çağcı (Bolu)
    • Lake Ladik (Samsun)
    • Lake Liman (Samsun)
    • Lake Tatlı (Samsun)
    • Lake Gıcı (Samsun)
    • Lake Sünnet (Bolu)
    • Lake Çubuk (Bolu)
    • Lake Sülüklü (Bolu)