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  • lakes Southern


    The Southern Anatolia Region is one of Türkiye’s seven geographical regions. It covers areas from the south of the Southeastern Taurus Mountains to the Syrian border. There are no natural lakes in the area. However, there are dam lakes that have been established on the Euphrates and Tigris. Atatürk Dam, the second-largest dam lake in the region and the country, is located in this region.

    Lake Gölbaşı

    Located near the city of Adıyaman, this lake has a surface area of 2.19 square kilometers. It is located within the municipal boundaries of the Gölbaşı district. Lake Gölbaşı, which gives its name to the district, is in the district’s center. There are fish farms in the lake, and tourist facilities can be found around it.

    The environment surrounding the lake has been registered as a natural site, and you can find a bird sanctuary, promenade orchards, and sightseeing trails here. 

    • Lake Azaplı (Adıyaman)
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