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    The Central Anatolia region is one of Türkiye’s seven geographical regions and, as indicated by its name, is in the central part of Anatolia. The region covers an area of 151,000 square kilometers and covers 21% of the territory of Türkiye. It is the second-largest region in terms of area, and is surrounded by North Anatolia in the north, and the Toros Mountains in the south. Lake Tuz, the second-largest lake in Türkiye, is located in this region. 

    Lake Tuz 

    Lake Tuz (lit. Lake Salt) is in the Central Anatolia Region, where Ankara, Aksaray, and Konya intersect. It is located on the Ankara-Aksaray Highway, within the borders of the Şereflikoçhisar district.

    You can reach this magnificent natural beauty, 90 kilometers in length and 25 kilometers in width, using the transport networks of different regions. The lake offers a uniquely beautiful landscape.

    Lake Tuz (tuz is the Turkish word for salt), whose depth is between 1-2 meters, is a hypersaline lake that gets its name from the high saline levels of its water. In the summer, the lake dries up and exposes a salt layer of an average thickness of 30 cm.

    Along with its magnificent white beauty and size, Lake Tuz also hosts important wildlife such as Swallows, wild geese, greater flamingos. The Lake Tuz Special Environmental Protection Area is one of the most important breeding sites in the world of the greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus). Every year, an average of 10,000 flamingos incubate on an island located in the middle of Lake Tuz. When the water level and climatic conditions are favorable, the number of offspring reaches up to 20,000. In fact, the highest number of flamingo chicks recorded in a lake has been recorded in Lake Tuz.

    Lake Akşehir

    Lake Akşehir is located in Türkiye’s Central Anatolia Region and is a tectonic freshwater lake. The lake was formed as a result of collapses occurring on Mount Emir, and it is one of the region’s most famous lakes. It is situated between the cities of Konya and Afyon, and is home to endangered waterfowl. If you plan to travel here by air and as there is no airport in Afyon, you can land at Konya Airport and follow the highway signs to Lake Akşehir.


    Other Lakes in the Central Anatolia Region 

    • Lake Eber (Afyon)
    • Lake Çavuşçu Ilgın (Konya)
    • Lake Tersakan (Konya)
    • Lake Palas (Kayseri)
    • Lake Seyfe (Kırşehir)
    • Lake Bolluk (Konya)
    • Lake Düden (Konya)
    • Lake Büyük (Sivas)
    • Lake Mogan (Ankara)
    • Lake Tödürge (Sivas)
    • Lake Yay (Kayseri)
    • Lake Kurudeniz (Sivas)
    • Lake Zara (Sivas)
    • Lake Kurugöl (Sivas)
    • Lake Eymir (Ankara)